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OSSDAR New Horizons Course and Bridges Course


Chapter Leadership Development – Recognizing and Becoming a Leader


The course is designed for interested, enthusiastic, dedicated members to help develop them into future chapter and state leaders. It is the goal of the New Horizons Course to inspire and instill confidence in Daughters to take that next step into leadership.

The New Horizons Course is an OSSDAR sponsored activity that is administered at the state level and is geared to be completed over the period of a year. To access the training modules materials log into the NSDAR Members website add your membership information and then continue to the training modules website. Other information can be found at Members Training

Email or mail your completed form to Sandy Fuller, [email protected], 1096 10th St. Astoria, OR 97103.


Our National Society (Required Online Learning Modules)

Elective Online Modules

DAR Publications & Resources

Meetings, Tours, and Activities

NSDAR Required

Capstone Project

Graduation Final Review


OSSDAR New Horizons Course State Coordinator: 

Attention: New Members Graduates 2017-18
Bridges Course to New Horizons Course

To qualify for the New Horizons Bridge Course, a NSDAR New Members Course graduate must submit a copy of her graduation certificate along with a completed New Horizons nomination form to her New Horizons State Coordinator. To obtain a nomination form, contact your New Horizons State Coordinator or visit the New Horizons web page. NSDAR New Members Course graduates will be credited with completion of any modules which are duplicated in the New Horizons Course, and it will be unnecessary to repeat that work. The State Coordinator will advise NSDAR New Members graduates about the requirements of the Bridge Course. 

In order to graduate from the New Horizons Bridge Course, all requirements must be completed prior to State Conference in the spring, date as specified by your State Coordinator.


OSSDAR New Members Course State Coordinator


OSSDAR New Horizons Course State Coordinator:  Sandy Fuller